About Rumi

Moving across the Pacific Ocean and back again as a child, I never quite felt I belonged. Every place I lived, I was an outsider looking in.

I didn't know it at the time, but growing up this way—facing the constant need to bridge the gap between separate worlds—was helping me develop a uniquely valuable skill.

By standing on the outside, I see unusual connections between things. I notice what's underneath the visible trouble. 

You can read some of my published work here, here, and here.

I also collaborate with clients in the professional development and wellness fields on writing and editing projects. Sometimes the work scales up to full marketing communication plans that integrate content for web, blog, email, social, print, podcasts, events, and more. See some examples here and here.

Working together, we tell powerful stories about their brand and draw in nourishing relationships. 

If you're struggling to put authentic words to your cause or venture, I'd love to help you.

And most importantly, I hope the essays here speak to your experience and offer insight, inspiration, or a boost of courage.